Personal Power

Personal power, positive self-esteem, self-respect, or whatever else you choose to call it, is the cornerstone of a healthy, happy, successful life.  If you have it, you know, accept and love every aspect of yourself.  If you don’t have it, you spend your life apologizing, feeling ‘less than’ everyone else,
and struggling in every area.

Having positive self-esteem does not mean you believe you are perfect, with no need for personal growth or improvement.  It means that you accept all aspects of yourself, positive and negative, and love yourself regardless.

When you do this you become personally powerful because you believe in yourself and your value as a human being.  You know that you are capable and competent, and trust in your ability to deal with whatever life brings.

When I was a child I had no positive sense of self, and it took me a long time and many years of study to understand what positive self-esteem is and how to get it.  Ever since then it’s been my mission to share with others what I’ve learned, in the hope that you will be able to avoid the pain and struggle associated with not loving yourself.

It’s my hope that these articles will help you along that path.





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