What is a leader?  A leader is a person who provides the vision for the future.  S/he is aware of the possibilities, can see where the group is headed, and then inspires others to come along with him or her.  Although most leaders are intelligent people, the ability to lead is not connected to education.  It’s more about creating and following a vision than it is about structure and organization.

A good leader possesses many qualities, including:
* Having a clear and focused vision of where the group is going
* Being an excellent listener and communicator
* Valuing others and making them feel they are an important part of the process
* Respecting people at all levels
* Having personal self-confidence and self-esteem
* Being decisive and able to make the difficult decisions
* Being enthusiastic and passionate about what they do
* Inspiring greatness in others
* Giving credit to others for successes and accepting personal responsibility for failures

Often a person in a position of leadership has come from a managerial background, and moves into the leadership role without understanding the difference in the skills required to succeed as a leader.  This can create a difficult situation for the new leader and his/her team.

These articles are designed to help leaders as they guide their team towards their vision.

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